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If you can't get enough of The Schmooze, come out and see our acoustic
duos Calico Hotrod and Rock Pile . All dates are now posted below.
Today is Thursday, May 07, 2015      01:36:07 AM
Band Date Venue Time Info
The Schmooze Fri, May 08 Bentley's Tavern
9-1 Last show for Dave at Bentley's!!!
The Schmooze Fri, May 15 Saratoga City Tavern
8-12 Last bar gig for Dave! Be there and kiss him goodbye!! Will be a great night
The Schmooze Sat, May 16 Wedding
5:45 - 10pm Julie & Kit's Wedding!
Our drummer Dave leaves on May 18th for CA.
The Schmooze will post our new website with all our summer
dates sometime soon. If you're planning a night out
and need to know sooner where we will be, please send us
an email we will tell you. Thanks and best wishes to DAVE!